What’s next for businesses in the second wave?


Now that the second wave of ‘you know what’ is gaining momentum, what does it mean for businesses? The second quarter of 2020 saw a whole host of challenges faced by businesses. From clean and safe on site work environments to job insecurity and mental health concerns. So are we following the same rules of […]

Covid-19: Preparing for a safe return to the workplace

Covid-19 safe return to the workplace

Our top tips in preparing for a safe return to the workplace post Covid-19. Enhance Cleanliness Clean, clean and clean again.  Hygiene has always been a key factor for maintaining any pleasant work environment but this is now more important than ever. So what can you do to ensure the safety of your staff? Regularly […]

One Person Offices | Flour Mill Dundee

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  Looking for a safe alternative to working from home?  Our new one person private offices might be just the thing for you.   Why? Although there are many people who are itching to get back into their normal routines after lockdown, there is a natural hesitation to enter back into the workplace. Many individuals […]