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Andrew Thumbnail

Member Spotlight : War Memorials Trust

Episode 14 – Say hello to Andrew! Andrew is a Conservation Officer for War Memorials Trust. The Trust is a UK Charity, providing free advice as well as running schemes to support repair and …

Member spotlight interview


Episode 13 -Say hello to Keli ūüĎč a veterinarian and mixed-methods epidemiologist who is studying zoonotic and vector-borne diseases. As part of her research, Keli has contributed to studies on Rift Valley Fever, a …

how flexspace can save on energy costs

3 Benefits Of Coworking Spaces For Remote Workers And Business Owners

Are you a business owner struggling with the creeping inflation and skyrocketing energy prices?¬† Or perhaps you‚Äôre an employee working from home and facing significant utility bill increases? While remote working has gained traction …

bitloom thumbnail

Member Spotlight: Bit Loom Ltd.

Episode 12: Meet James and Douglas. Two out of three members of BitLoom, ordinarily you will also find Henry. Watch the video below to find out how these “three silly friends” came together to …


Flour Mill Dundee members lounge and cowork aims to create a sense of possibility. A place where users can share ideas and advice in a supportive atmosphere.

There is a lot of research showing how collaborative workspaces can aid success.¬† If you work from home, it’s tempting to focus on the unloaded dishwasher or the full laundry basket.¬† But sometimes work is more important.¬† Now and again, you’ll want to make calls at home in your onesie.¬† But for the most part,¬† you need to take yourself and your business seriously if you want anyone else to.

Working at home can also be quite isolating.  However at the Flour Mill our members can connect through a range of regular events and socials.  You will get to meet like-minded interesting people and being around others creates an energy that is hard to replicate on your own.

There are potential financial and business development benefits too, you just never know who’ll be hanging out at the coffee machine!  Plus if you need to meet clients, investors or colleagues, taking them to our private members lounge creates a much better impression than the local coffee shop.

Above all, we provide an environment where you can be inspired!