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Working from Home

My Experience of Working from Home

  Working from Home One of the main impacts in our working lives that has been brought on through Coronavirus...
Covid-19 safe return to the workplace

Covid-19: Preparing for a safe return to the workplace

Our top tips in preparing for a safe return to the workplace post Covid-19. Enhance Cleanliness Clean, clean and clean...
5tth floooor

One Person Offices | Flour Mill Dundee

  Looking for a safe alternative to working from home?  Our new one person private offices might be just the...
coworking social distancing

Can coworking spaces survive social distancing?

Coworking and open plan workspaces have been the hot topic of recent years, with trendy new office buildings popping up...
Untitled design 3

Meet the Members: Tecbyte

  Hi David! Tell us a little bit about Tecbyte and what you do? I specialise in FileMaker database development. ...
remote working

Alternative Options to Working from Home

  For many people, remote working will continue to be the norm long after government restrictions are lifted. But that...
Canva - Person Using Macbook Pro on Table

Is Remote Working the Future?

It goes without saying that the coronavirus (Covid-19) has changed the way we work and live. Entire workforces around the...
it's ok not to be productive

It’s ok not to be productive

With the world in lockdown it is fair to say that people are becoming increasingly more obsessed with this idea...

Meet the Members: FEI

Hi Ryan! Tell me a little bit about FEI and what you do? FEI (Food Export International) is basically an...