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How Coworking can boost your local economy

It is likely you have already heard the many proven benefits of coworking: boosted creativity, increased productivity, sense of independence,...
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Meet the Members: Arfon Consulting

Hi Alun! Can you tell me a little bit about your background?   Let's start at the beginning! I was...
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Meet the Members: Ennova Law

Hi Fraser! Can you tell me a little bit about Ennova Law?   Ennova Law has been on the go...
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Flour Mill- Business Lounge

As many of you may know the Flour Mill renovation has been an ongoing project for the past 2 years. ...
Flour Mill History Series: Dewar and Finlay Ltd

Flour Mill History Series: Dewar and Finlay Ltd

  Here at Flour Mill Dundee we leave no brick unturned when it comes to researching stories regarding our building's...
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Meet the Members: GEOxyz

Hi Neil! Can you tell me a bit about GEOxyz?     GEOxyz is an independent company that specialises in:...
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No really, what is Coworking?

With more and more people choosing to balance their work around a flexible lifestyle, it is no wonder that coworking...

Flour Mill History Series: The Grinding of Wheat

Almost no industry in Dundee underwent greater changes during the late 1800s than that of flour and meal grinding. But...
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What does your workspace say about you?

You may not realise it but your desk can say A LOT about who you are. Whether you are working...