Covid-19: Preparing for a safe return to the workplace

Our top tips in preparing for a safe return to the workplace post Covid-19.

Enhance Cleanliness

Clean, clean and clean again.  Hygiene has always been a key factor for maintaining any pleasant work environment but this is now more important than ever. So what can you do to ensure the safety of your staff?

  • Regularly wipe down and sanitise communal touch points across office spaces.
  • Pay particular attention to areas such as hand rails, push plates and door handles.
  • And of course, remind employees to wash their hands with soap and warm water regularly throughout the day.
  • If possible provide hand sanitiser dispensers to encourage individuals to clean their hands before and after entering the workspace.
  • You can even go the extra mile and provide anti bacterial sprays in communal areas for individuals to use when they require.


Maintain Social distancing

social distancing in the workplacesafe return to the workplace

Now let’s talk spacial awareness… In order to keep employees safe and promote social distancing you may also need to re-think the layout of your office space.

  • Workstations should be at least 2 metres apart.  In addition to this you should try to arranged desk side by side or back to back where possible.
  • Where this is not possible you should consider the use of temporary screens or partitions.
  • Use visual guides such as floor tape, stickers and posters to make employees aware of these new safety measures.


Increase communication

As mentioned previously, visual guides such as floor tape and stickers are a great way to communicate the safety measures you have put it place.  But make sure you also use other channels of communication to make people aware of these changes before they arrive to your workplace.  For example,

  • Why not send out an email to let your clients and employees know what measures you are taking to ensure their safety? This will also help you to start an open conversation with people who may be worried or have questions about their return to work.
  • You should also consider an announcement on social media.  This will let your client base know you that you are back open for business. And will also reassure them that your workplace is safe for them to visit.

Many people will be feeling anxious about entering back into society following months in isolation.  So let’s make that experience as safe and as enjoyable as possible.

How are you going to prepare for a safe return to the workplace post Covid -19?



Visit the government website for more details.




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