One Person Offices | Flour Mill Dundee


Looking for a safe alternative to working from home?  Our new one person private offices might be just the thing for you.



Although there are many people who are itching to get back into their normal routines after lockdown, there is a natural hesitation to enter back into the workplace.

  • Many individuals will want to continue to work remotely and maintain social distancing guidelines.
  • Companies will be looking to cut costs,
  • downsize premises
  • and invest in technology to support their workers from afar.

In fact, it’s unlikely that open plan office spaces will go back to normal any time soon, if at all!  And we like many business right now recognise our need to adapt.


Single person offices

We want to help make your transition back to work as safe and as smooth as possible.  That’s why we will be providing some fully equipped one person private offices! So when you’re ready to get back into the swing of things you can- all while remaining safe behind closed doors.

1 person office Dundee

Modular building designs like ours can offer a great alternative to working from home:

  • escape household distractions
  • safely maintain your social distancing
  • and get some much needed work done!

Plus with a dedicated Fibre line coming straight into the Flour Mill building, you know you will have a broadband connection that you can rely on. So you can relax and let your productivity flow knowing that everything is taken care of for you.  Then at the end of the day, simply step out of your office and leave the worries of your work day behind.

Sounds good huh?

With a few units already reserved these spaces are proving popular.  So why not get in touch to book your virtual tour?  And see how we can help to improve your future working environment.






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