Old Dundee: True-Rest Furniture Sign

true rest furntiure sign

For many years the True-Rest Furniture sign was one of few surviving fragments of Old Dundee.  Proudly displayed above an unnamed close on the SE corner of  the Murraygate, the sign became a relic from times gone by. That was until 2014,  when the sign was sadly removed from the close after a fire devastated […]

Flour Mill History Series: Dewar and Finlay Ltd

flour mill history

Here at Flour Mill Dundee we leave no brick unturned when it comes to researching stories regarding our building’s past- quite literally! In a previous blog we shared our findings surrounding branded Pitfour bricks that were discovered during the Flour Mill renovations.  Since then we have discovered a second type of brick, branded Dewar, that […]

Flour Mill History Series: The Grinding of Wheat


Almost no industry in Dundee underwent greater changes during the late 1800s than that of flour and meal grinding. But where does Flour Mill Dundee fit into this story? Evidence suggests that the Flour Mill Dundee building dates back to 1820, and in it’s earlier days it was more commonly known as Castle Mill.  Up […]