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Hot Desk Fixed Desk

Hot Desk and Fixed Desk – What’s the Difference?

Hot desk and fixed desk, what's difference? We’re always asking our new customers what we can do for them to...
Office Space Dundee

From Acorns to Oak Trees – In Support of Entrepreneurship Dundee

“A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in”. It is...
Create Space Dundee Office Flour Mill

Create Your Own Space in Dundee

Ever wanted to design your own office space?  Probably.  Want an office in Dundee that you could make your own?...
Flour Mill Office in Dundee

Renting An Office in Dundee – Top Tips

Knowing what to look for when renting an office that works for you and your business is no small undertaking....
Office Space Dundee

Five Places to Rent Office Space Near the Dundee Waterfront.

Dundee is a spot to keep an eye on right now. Exciting projects and regeneration are happening all across the...

Flour Mill History Series – Castle Flour Mills

The Flour Mill is an exciting project aiming to restore the historical building to its former glory.  Although it will...
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Discoveries in Dundee – Flour Mill Dundee Stonework

The Flour Mill Dundee is an exciting building with much background and history and visitors are expressing curiosity, excitement and...
Flour Mill Dundee Bricks

Discoveries in Dundee – Pitfour Brick & Tile Co.

Pitfour Brick & Tile Co. Pitfour Brick & Tile Co. or Pitfour Brickworks, owned by Robert Small & Co., began...
Happy Coworkers Dundee Flour Mill


Who is it for? Co-working has exploded in recent years. You'll find some type of shared workspace in most towns...