The Power of In-Person Work Meetings – They’re Actually a Good Thing

Nowadays, more and more companies are choosing to adopt a hybrid work model. This new concept allows employees to flexibly work from home part-time. While coming to the office for the other part of their workweek. In fact, it is estimated that “hybrid work models are used by 63% of high-growth companies” (Apollo Technical).

While implementing these hybrid work models, it can be tempting to forego in-person work meetings. And instead opt for video chats or even brief phone calls. However, research suggests that there are still quite a few benefits to scheduling well-planned in-person work meetings. Check out the top benefits of holding in-person work meetings:

Accountability is Key

Whether you send an email or relay information through a video call, it can be difficult to monitor if everyone fully comprehends the information. In a survey reported on SlickText, it is estimated that “almost two-thirds (60.8%) of respondents ignore emails at work.”

Moreover, it’s well-known that many people choose to multi-task and engage in other activities during work video calls. As such, in-person work meetings are renowned for ensuring that employees listen more carefully, retain information, and ask questions about the information relayed in the gathering.

Encourages Collaboration

Many people enjoy working from home because it gives them a much-needed break from the typical social pressures of an office. Surprisingly, despite the opportunities for distraction, many employees testify that they are more productive when given the chance to work from home.

There’s no doubt that working from home part-time for independent work has its benefits. However, in-person collaboration time is still crucial for complex projects requiring many minds and perspectives. Scheduling a meeting room for in-person work meetings is a great way to set the tone for productivity and efficiency.

Promotes Social Wellbeing

In spite of all of the memes, social media posts, and jokes about useless in-person meetings, most coworkers actually prefer face-to-face meetings to phone calls or video chats.  According to Better Meetings, “76% of professionals prefer face-to-face meetings to calls or video chats.”

Giving coworkers a chance to socialise in-person also solidifies their bond with each other as well as the company they serve. Think about it. The more your employees enjoy working with each other, the more likely you are to retain your happy employees!

Effective Group Problem Solving

According to an article published on Forbes, people can pick up on social cues better in-person than they can over virtual meetings or even through emails or phone calls. We notice things like hand gestures, shrugs, pupils dilating, and more when we are meeting in person.

Noticing these things allows us to communicate and relay our messages more clearly. Therefore, in-person work meetings are important for cohorts needing to thoroughly think through problems and discover solutions!

Signing your business up for a Flour Mill Dundee membership will give your employees or coworkers the space needed to have effective in-person meetings! For more information about our meeting rooms, coworking spaces, and offices, feel free to Contact Us at any time.


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