Top Tips for Successful Networking

The Wheat Among the Chaff

Technology is incredible at bringing people together, wherever they may be in the world. Society as a whole may be addicted to swiping, clicking and snapping their way through their interactions. However, a personal touch to networking can make all the difference in the business world. Face to face meetings are going by the wayside but it could suddenly be an opportunity to stand out. Making a good impression in person can distinguish you as the wheat among the chaff.

Here are our top tips for successful networking:

1.Do Your Research

Anticipating an upcoming event is always exciting. It may feel like homework is the last thing you want to do. However, this is a crucial step to achieving networking success. Doing the relevant research allows you to achieve what you want from the event. Spending time putting yourself in front of the right people could pay dividends from your conversational investment.

2.Body Language

This is the real benefit of in-person networking. Not everyone is a fireball of enthusiastic energy. And that’s ok! Charisma can exude from the most cool and collected individuals. Holding a conversation maintaining an interested facial expression with some simple eye contact can really make someone feel they are important. The trick is to find a balance, crossing the line into staring can get weird…


Is there anything unique to you that makes you stand out? Injecting some of your own personality into the way you present yourself can help in being remembered. Not only that, it can portray your brand values like fun, bright colours for creatives or a power piece that mirrors your business acumen.

4.Business Cards

Sites such as LinkedIn are great for networking in the online space. In the physical realm however, it doesn’t hurt to employ a traditional approach. A physical reminder such as a business card can be very effective in making it’s way back to you.


Increasing your participation in your business community makes you part of the village. We have evolved to feel like one of the clan. Being present still counts!


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