My Experience of Working from Home

Working from Home

One of the main impacts in our working lives that has been brought on through Coronavirus is the move to working from home. I’ve been a full time homeworker for 18 months now. So for me, some of the struggles around DSE, internet connections and virtual meetings where ironed out some time ago. However, one effect of the change to work environment which took a while to show was the impact on my Mental Health. Working from home with no co-workers to chat to in person and no change in scenery for weeks on end, had a real negative impact on my mood out of work hours.  As well as my commitment and ability to work during business hours.


Quick Fixes

Whilst everyone’s personal circumstances are different and there are a number of well documented tips for homeworking e.g.

  • taking regular breaks
  • going for a walk at lunch
  • managing the number of Skype meetings
  • working in a well-lit area
  • having some plants nearby.

I found that these steps, whilst all helpful, were only temporary fixes.  And they weren’t addressing a much bigger issue- the isolation of working alone every day.


Working at the Flour Mill

Thankfully, I recently set up a membership at a local coworking office, which allows me to utilise a space with others in similar working scenarios. There are plenty of available desks, coffee facilities, and of course WiFi. And what’s more?  It is in a beautifully renovated former mill building in the heart of Dundee. Being able to work from this space, even for a few hours a week, gives me a welcome respite to the normal “office” and provides an opportunity to network with others in my community. But more simply it allows me to work alongside other people and that human interaction cannot be replaced.

working from home

As we move out of lockdown and into the new normal for working patterns. I would encourage everyone to closely monitor how they are doing- how they are really doing… and perhaps have a look in their own area at what facilities are available to them.

Written by Marc David

FM Lounge Member

working from home


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