Hey Megan.

What is your role at the Flour Mill?

Where to start?…I wear a lot of different hats in my role as Community Manager from hosting tours and events, to looking after the safety and wellbeing of our members. The overall focus of my role, however, is to develop and deliver the best possible customer experience for our members. I am involved in every part of the customer journey.  Welcoming new members into our community, listening to their professional (and personal) needs and helping to find solutions.

I have also been involved in parts of the Flour Mill renovations and have great pride in showing prospective clients around our spaces.  I am always amazed at the diverse skillsets that walk through our door and often encourage members to meet up, share ideas and learn from one another.

I love the social aspect of this role and I am incredibly grateful for the friendships I have developed.


What’s your background?

My background is in the creative industries and hospitality. I moved to Dundee in 2014 to study Textile design.  Throughout my 4 years at uni I lived a bit of a dual life, working in the hospitality industry and studying.  I am very much a people’s person and thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the Dundee bartending scene. I also worked as part of the management team at the Tatha Restaurant when the V&A first opened its doors, before joining the Flour Mill team in 2019.

My main passion lies with design and since graduating in 2018 I have been fortunate enough to showcase my work at international tradeshows in both London and Brussels (not to forget the infamous DJCAD degree show too).

It is always a joy to use my creative skillset where possible- and I have absolutely loved working with the Flour Mill team to design what I like to think is a warm, friendly and collabortaive workspace.

Quick Fire Round


1) What are you watching right now?

Mr Robot on Amazon Prime. We’re only halfway through at the moment but oh my goodness! All I can say is if you haven’t watched it already, you’re missing out.

2) Cat or Dog?

Both. I am a sucker for animals in general.

3) Summer or Winter?

Winter. I am all about that festive feeling and Christmas is without a doubt my favourite time of year. Spending time with my family, wrapping up warm and cosying down with a hot cuppa. Nothing beats it.

4)Tea or Coffee?

Coffee. No real explanation needed.

5) Favourite office snack?

Hmm… Apple slices with peanut butter.  Is there really a better combo?

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