Meet the Members: Tecbyte


Hi David!

Tell us a little bit about Tecbyte and what you do?

I specialise in FileMaker database development.  As well as training and business consultancy.  So in short, I help companies to develop business strategies and design bespoke database solutions to allow them to effectively manage their workflow.


So what is FileMaker exactly?

FileMaker is a database development programme.  It is something that anyone can use because it doesn’t have any raw coding in it. It is quite a powerful platform which can be run on iPhones, iPads, the web and desktop computers.  It’s a good product and it’s ideal for small businesses that are growing and need to become more automated, and move away from spreadsheets.  

Most of the projects that I get involved with are where people have started building things themselves and they need extra help from someone who really knows what they are doing.  So I help to guide people further through that process.


Have you always been a software developer?

I actually started out as an engineer.  Then unintentionally fell in love with the FileMaker product when I was forced to use it in a previous job.  I say “forced” because I really didn’t want to use it at the time, but I am kind of pleased that I did.  Here we are 27 years later and I am still using it now!


Why did you decide to start your own business?

It was a bit of an unknown, unplanned journey that I went on really.  When I first left my engineering job I worked for another developer for about a year until they went bust.  I was quite determined to continue on that path of being a FileMaker developer. So I started freelancing with agencies in London.  That lead to me eventually setting up my own agency- and I used FileMaker as the tool to help me run the business.  Then after a while I started getting involved in much bigger projects and it just grew from there.


What types of business do you work with?

I wouldn’t say there is any specific area, I work with all sorts of organisations.  But I do particularly enjoy working with manufacturing companies.  As I am an engineer by trade I understand a lot of the manufacturing processes.  For example process management, production and quality systems. However I will work with anyone really.  I have done a lot of work with social care related businesses, charities and things like that. And I am also working with a brewery and a window manufacturer right now.  So it doesn’t really matter what they do to be honest!


What would a project typically involve?

Most of the time it is entirely around automation and organisation.  So making things more efficient and reducing the amount of repetitive labour intensive tasks that people have to engage with on a daily basis.  Most importantly it’s about injecting comfort, constitution and culture into an organisation.  Building a go-to system that everyone uses, everyone aligns to and everyone  believes in to keep the business running smoothly.

I typically work with the owners of organisations that are trying to grow. So it’s quite intimate.  It’s a relationship that is very informative of their business and where it is going next.  So their is a lot of trust there and I think that is really important-  it’s a brilliant way to work with my clients.


What does the future hold for Tecbyte?

I want to stay involved with helping businesses to grow because that is something that is close to my heart. It is quite incredible how much you can help businesses to grow using technology- and it doesn’t have to be overly expensive either.  So I am quite keen to stay in that place.  But I am also very mindful that the world is moving quite fast and there is technology that runs entirely on the web.  So I am looking at other products like Zoho Creator and Salesforce as other platforms that I can adopt.  As well as the possibility of developing my own system- but that is a bit more ambitious!


And outside of the world of work and technology, what are your interests?

I am very creative and I am hugely into music!  I play guitar, bass guitar, piano, and I also write and record my own music. On top of that, I work with a local youth group in Kirriemuir called DD8 Music.  I help them to run workshops to empower young children to form bands and write and record their own music.  So that has been absolutely wonderful!





Come say hi!

You can find us at Exchange Court (right next door to the Flour Mill) , or you can learn more about us on our website.


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