It’s ok not to be productive

With the world in lockdown it is fair to say that people are becoming increasingly more obsessed with this idea of productivity.  Keep working, keep cooking, keep writing, keep running, keeping doing!!! But do we really need to be productive ALL of the time?

Here are some of our thoughts…


A good routine goes a long way

Kids or no kids, a daily routine can help keep any family from stepping over that line into insanity.   From knowing what time you are getting up at, to when you should be finishing work for the day.   A routine can help give you purpose and make it easier to get from week to week.   However you don’t need to be too strict with it either. Give yourself some structure and then let the day happen…

Self care is essential

For many the uncertainty that accompanies a global pandemic is enough to cease all ability to concentrate. But this situation is temporary. Do not deem yourself a failure for being unable to turn adversity into success or self-improvement… There’s value in giving yourself a break from time to time. Take a bath, listen to some music, feed the birds.  Choose whatever works for you, and if that means some days you stay in your jammies with a glass of wine and watch Netflix (no judgement here) that’s ok too.

Quality over quantity

Sometimes less really is more.  A few hours of concentrated and inspired work will get you much further than a full day of mediocre nonsense.  If recording your latest podcast is driving you up the wall, put it to the side for a bit and come back to it later with fresh eyes (or ears).  In hindsight, you might even find the noise of children running after the dog in the background endearing.  It is that kind of transparency and authenticity that your customers will thank you for later.

Switching off is sensible

This point is pretty self explanatory… switch off your devices. There is no joy in constantly reminding ourselves of the global pandemic that we are currently living in.  Or being reminded every time we go on social media that we’re not quite doing enough! Limiting screen time is a great way to help avoid feeling overwhelmed. Who cares if all you did today was get up and shower?! Focus on what feels right for you.

Playing isn’t just for kids!

All work no play makes for a dull day (especially in insolation). Nothing lights up the brain quite like play- and I think we should all take advantage of its magic right now. Remember all those times your Sprogs asked for your undivided attention? The times they wanted to sword fight with you, play quidditch and dance with the garden fairies. Well, there’s no time like the present.

This situation is entirely out of your control. So do what you can, enjoy the little things, and be kind.


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