In Case of Emergency! How Cowork Can Save Your Work Week

We all like to have a comfortable space to work in. It helps get those creative juices flowing! It’s part of the reason I enjoy working from home when not in a cowork. But what about those times we never think about? Like waking up to a waterfall flowing from the cupboard under the sink, friends and family are tired of you taking up the living room while working, or a nearby block of buildings is burning to the ground. In the spectrum of things you assume will never happen to you, take it from me, the latter is entirely possible.

Put Out and Fed Up

Allow me to explain… When the Glasgow School of Art recently caught fire for a second time, the surrounding offices and businesses had of course been evacuated as well as residential living spaces such as my humble abode. Thankfully no one was hurt and hey, these things happen! But as exciting as schlepping myself around town for impromptu sleep-overs sounds, it doesn’t exactly create the most productive environment for taking care of business.

Cowork, a New Hope

Bearing in mind the old adage “fail to prepare, prepare to fail”, there is still hope. What saved me in this time of need is having my own work space away from distractions. It can work for you too! With the flexibility that cowork spaces now provide, finding emergency work space has never been easier.


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