How to improve your eating habits at work

On any given working day, it is safe to say we could all use as much energy as we can get. Some are lucky enough to have it in spades – you know the type, the ones that just keep on trucking while you’re already day dreaming about slipping into your ‘lazy’ nightwear. It is said that adults who work full-time spend  60% of their waking hours at work and will consume at least a third of their daily calorie allowance during their day. Therefore, incorporating some of these tips to improve your healthy eating habits into your daily routine could help in becoming the energetic mogul you currently covet.

1. Don’t skip breakfast

The intermittent fasters out there will be spitting out their plain black coffee at the thought of morning breakfast. But all evidence points to the old adage of breakfast being the most important meal of the day. While being an important part of your day, it is also the busiest. Making time to prepare something simple and delicious can be just the treat to get you up and at ‘em!

2.Snack on fruit

Fruit is natures sweets, readily packaged and with deliciously bright colours. Sugar is almost always a bad word but not in the case of fruit. You’d have to eat quite a bit more to get the kind of sugar crash expected from refined sugar snacks. The money your local supermarket saves in packaging is gifted straight back to you as fruit is cheaper than processed snacks too!

3. Stay hydrated

Stainless steel water bottles are all the rage. We are now reminding ourselves to drink more water with the suggested eight glasses a day! But be careful not to drink too much in between meals to facilitate optimal digestion.

4.Healthy caffeine

Don’t freak out. Coffee can be great in moderation but most of us can attest to needing more and more in order to get our ’fix’. Like high sugar foods, caffeine will spike your energy. Especially the full strength stuff we have become accustomed to. Making your coffee a small, a decaf or even a nice green tea can keep your energy levels a little more… well, level.


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