Hot Desk and Fixed Desk – What’s the Difference?

Hot desk and fixed desk, what’s difference?

We’re always asking our new customers what we can do for them to best fit their unique needs. But with so many options, discovering which ones to choose can seem daunting. Will I need somewhere with secure storage, to place that framed family portrait? Or simply somewhere flexible to come and go? Well by the time you read this, we hope to have helped with that too!

Let’s break it down…

Hot Desk

Rather than the conventional office set-up, hot desking allows users the flexibility to work when best suits them. This flexibility suits some business types more than others such as freelancers or those who require areas that can be shared by multiple employees. Just turn up and take a seat at the desk of your choice. The likes of creatives enjoy a new mind-set each day chatting to new neighbours along with the inherent benefit of networking opportunities. Keeping up to date with new and fresh ideas is opened up by the collaboration induced by such a shared space.

Fixed Desk

At a fixed desk, you’ll have a space to call your own. This will be most appreciated by those who don’t want to take the whole office home with them at the end of the day. Secure your valuable items within desk storage and off you pop! Some might find that new people coming and going in a collaborative environment may get in the way of “the zone” and some wouldn’t mind at all but just need a space for all of the specific tools of their trade.

So Which is Best for You?

That can depend on you as well as your business.

If you enjoy variety and flexibility, always looking to meet new people to bounce yours ideas around with then hot desk is for you.

But if you prefer growing roots in an environment you can call your own, you’ll feel at home with a fixed desk.


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