Can coworking spaces survive social distancing?

Coworking and open plan workspaces have been the hot topic of recent years, with trendy new office buildings popping up left right and centre.  But in light of the recent pandemic can shared workspaces, like WeWork, survive social distancing?

Looking forward

Although the coworking industry- like many others- is struggling during this pandemic.  Experts suggest there may be a light at the end of this gloomy tunnel.

Post lockdown it is expected that, companies will seek to find more flexible and cost-effective workspace solutions as a way to help alleviate the financial burdens that the coronavirus (Covid-19) has thrust upon them. Businesses will now think twice before renewing long-term leases or contracts.  And local coworking spaces will become the favoured option to help support the remote workforce.

But that is not to say that the journey ahead will be easy!  With many people now frightened to leave their homes, members’ safety will be of paramount importance. Coworking spaces will need to adapt to emerging challenges and concerns before any real growth can be made.

  • Cleaning will need to be ramped up
  • Cleanliness practices will need reassessed
  • and workspaces will need redesigned to align with social distancing measures.

Open plan offices will of course become less popular.  But the need to be part of a community will be stronger than ever following months in isolation.  So despite the struggles that many cowork and serviced office buildings may be facing right now.  Looking towards a brighter future, these workspaces won’t be going anywhere- they will simply be undergoing change in order to ensure a safe transition back to the workplace.



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