The Benefits Of Coworking On Your Local Economy

It is likely you have already heard the many proven benefits of coworking: boosted creativity, increased productivity, sense of independence, flexibility, opportunities for networking and collaboration.  But what about the positive effects coworking can have on the wider community as well?

Coworking is in fact good for local economy too. Particularly in tight-knit communities.

Here’s why:

1.  Local Coffee Shops

Coworking spaces within local communities can provide smaller surrounding businesses with huge opportunity for new customers. Yes coffee shops, I am talking about you.  Even the most dedicated workers need a break now and again.  Not to forget that morning coffee fix or lunch time pick me up.

2. Supporting Entrepreneurship

Coworking buildings are also one of the top choices for new business start ups to set up their HQ.  Providing not only affordable space to help get your business off the ground, but flexible space to gain the support you need to keep going in your entrepreneurial journey.  Helping to keep fresh talent within our communities.

3. Surrounding Bars

Now let’s not forget the importance of #thatFridayfeeling.  After a long hard week at work it’s not a surprise that many coworkers find themselves migrating to local pubs.  There’s no better way to reward yourself or get to know your fellow coworkers than sharing a cold beer, right?

4. Restaurants

Even local restaurants can benefit from having a cowork building nearby!  One of the many advantages of flexible working is you choose when and how you work.  So you get the luxury of taking the odd lunch out to meet a client or even to spend some much needed time with family and friends.

5. Office Supply Shops

Then there are office supply shops.  You got it- I’m talking staples, pens, post it notes and more.  Where would our trusty coworkers be without their much needed stationary supply? You’d be surprised at how many people still like to use their trusty pen to get the job done.

So there it is!

Cowork buildings are much more than just desk space.  They are their own little community. Adding value to the local economy by supporting local businesses from start ups and freelancers, to local coffee shops and bars. There is a little something in there for everyone.


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