5 Steps Towards Work-Life Balance

We can all too often reside ourselves to the notion that a work-life balance is impossible to achieve. In a previous life, I myself can attest to regularly working 14 hour days as a given. I couldn’t understand how everyone else around me was having all the fun. Not that I’m bitter or anything! For the more naturally conscientious of us, it takes a little push to relinquish our sense of duty.

It is easy to see whether someone is working too much from the outside. Have you ever told a friend or partner that they work too much only to have it fall on deaf ears? It is much more difficult to be objective while inside your own bubble. We humans are creatures of habit. Once a pattern is established, it can be very difficult to break free mentally. It is important to remember what it’s like to be a human-being rather than a human-doing.

Here are 5 simple steps to improve your work-life balance:

Know Your Priorities

Most of us are so busy that we don’t make time to ponder what our priorities really are. What’s more is that those priorities are different for each person. Dedicating your time to your career may make you happiest. For others, they may be happiest funnelling more energy into family life. The idea is to give yourself a basis for how you divide your time and energy.

Set Limits

Especially in this age of technology, we see so many with their heads buried in their smartphones, frantically replying to emails. Or maybe we’re so wrapped up doing the same thing that we don’t notice it at all! Realistically, there are times where such occurrences are necessary but set limits on when you will allow yourself to be sucked in.

Just Say No

Saying the word NO strikes fear into most people when it comes to their work lives. Following from the previous points, our time and attention is in great demand both personally and professionally. Saying no the the less important demands is a great place to start in tackling the ones that are important to you.


Speaking as somewhat of a recovered hoarder, simplifying can be a weight off your shoulders, and mind. This can also be applied to stresses in your life. Taking from life the things that benefit you while discarding the rest gives us life-freedom. A holistic minimalism that gives us agility to concentrate our efforts from one thing to the next as we see fit.

Balance Yourself

Taking care of your mind and body first, is a great start to becoming more objective in making beneficial decisions for yourself. When well rested and connected to yourself through health and fitness, you are able to build a foundation for taking care of yourself in other aspects of life.


Creating change in life is often difficult, don’t expect it to happen overnight. By taking small steps, closing the gap between work-life balance will become easier over time. Remember, consistency is key…


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