Hey Rebecca.

What is your role at the Flour Mill?

As community host my main role is to ensure that all of our clients are looked after and have everything they need to run their businesses in a clean, warm and friendly environment. I make sure that there is always a fresh pot of coffee on the go for those longs days where caffeine is a necessity! I also show spaces to prospective members and help with the onboarding process. Not only this, but I help to ensure that the building and our members are Covid safe.

In the future, I hope to be able to organise and run events in our Business Lounge so our members have the opportunity to meet each other and not only network but create friendships. I will also help support members who want to run their own events and do whatever I can to make sure things run smoothly.


What is your background?

I have been a business owner myself for the last 12 years as a professional musician/artist and music tutor. I lived in California for 8 years and was lucky enough to tour and perform my music is some amazing venues meeting fantastic people along the way.

I returned to Scotland in 2013, where I study towards my music degree. Shortly after graduating I rented a space at the Kinross Business Centre where I was able to teach music. I then moved up to Arbroath with my husband in 2017 and we opened our first music centre Red Rock Music. Until Covid hit we managed 8 tutors and had over 150 students passing through our doors each week. I am extremely passionate about music and throughout my music career I have organised many events from student concerts to touring the UK and USA.

Although music and performance is on hold at the moment, I currently tutor music part time and also perform online regularly too.

Quick Fire Round:

Q1) What are you watching right now?

I am totally hooked on the X-Files right now!! I used to watch it when it first came and out and even though some of the plots are ridiculous it’s good for zoning out to! I am also waiting for the next season of The Crown, The Handmaids Tale and Outlander to come out.

Q2) Cat or Dog?

Dog!! I have a wee dog called buddy. He is my furbaby. I am allergic to cats but I would totally have a cat too if I wasn’t.

Q3) Summer or Winter?

Summer because it’s warm and sunny but winter because I like to wear jumpers, jeans and boots!

Q4) Tea or Coffee?

Tea!! But I might be converted after trying the coffee at the Flour Mill.

Q5) Favourite office snack?

Bananas. Nuff said.