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We're trying hard to create a building that works for everyone, and work space has never looked so good!

So far we've created several large office suites and smaller  one and two person offices as well as work space for small and micro businesses.  Our co work is taking shape nicely and is already open to entrepreneurs looking for some touchdown space in the heart of Dundee's creative quarter.

They'll be rubbing shoulders with the Acorn Enterprise gang so this space  is fizzing with energy and possibility.

We'll be adding a members lounge, meeting rooms, breakout space and large offices over the coming weeks.  Private office space is already available and this early in the project, you can have a hand in the design process so your work space is a perfect fit for you and your business.

Our second floor co work space is now up and running and full of busy little bees beavering away!

Visit our membership page to see how the Flour Mill can work for you.

The gallery shows what we've done and the progress we're making. This renovation is constantly remnding us of the rich past of the Flour Mill and helps us to honour that while still giving it a bright future!